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More than ever before, our own ‘backyard’ is shaped by global events, global challenges, global targets, and global decision-making.

At the same time, our decisions and actions in Aotearoa New Zealand have the potential to shape responses throughout the world. This interconnection and interdependence between our local, national and global communities challenges us to consider what kind of world we want to live in, and what kind of legacy we want to leave.

Global citizenship education fosters curiosity, participation and contribution towards our global community.

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What does it mean to be a global citizen?

Being a global citizen begins with  young people exploring who they are in the world. This involves developing a deep understanding of self within local, regional, national and global communities. It is about being aware of, and interested in, the wider world. 

Global citizens have a deep commitment to social justice, and take an active role within their local, national and global communities to create a more sustainable and equitable world. They are inclusive and relational, embracing a deep respect and value for diversity, and being curious about the equality of connections between people, cultures, places, and spaces. Global citizens have a genuine desire to learn from one another, and work collaboratively to create a better planet for our shared humanity. 

Teaching global citizenship

In Aotearoa New Zealand, schools are integrating global citizenship education within their learning and teaching programmes in order to grow young people as global citizens. Be inspired by these learning stories to learn more about the work that kura, schools, kaiako, teachers, rangatahi and young people are doing.

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Global citizens is a world-wide movement working to defeat extreme poverty, demand equity, and defend the planet. Find out more how you can get involved, and discover what Aotearoa New Zealand is doing to make the world a more equitable, just, and sustainable place.

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